Thursday, December 17, 2015

Re-gifting or the natural flow of 'good things come to those who wait'

The craziest thing happened. 2 or 3 months ago I was stuck in bed after having my tonsils out (THE worst...) and I decided to browse online for cooking books that I really REALLY need.  I came across an 'Aussie' classic - Bills Sydney Food from Bill Granger - and through YES!! the time has come.

But the Wi-Fi had different thoughts - we have such bad reception here - so I gave up and lay back down in bed feeling mighty sorry for losing my tonsils and not even feeling like ice-cream,

Yesterday (fast forward) at my work Christmas party we had an odd but hilarious Kris Kringle where you re-gift something, people then randomly choose a gift and then in the same order backwards you choose what gift you want straight from under peoples noses.  SO the smug ones with their suitable gift soon are crestfallen - for example, imagine there was Bill's if....then everyone would want it and the smug person would be smug-less as it's taken out of their hands.

So, there just happened to be a Bills Sydney Food cookbook as a re-gift (seriously...why would you re-gift this aussie classic??) and after being moved from person to person I had the second last go to choose my preferred gift.  I considered that taking someone's gift may cause a rift between work colleagues, but hey, she would get over it, so I got my book and then....there was just the one person remaining who could separate me from my re-gifted gift.  I eyeballed him.....I slowly moved my eyelids to slits and my mouth into a pursed position to show him that I meant business and if he was to even consider taking MY Bills he'd suffer the consequences.

And you know what? He smartly left me and my Bills Sydney Food as one. So there! Happy days!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I can see clearly now...the rain has gone

Hello I have returned.

No no wait there’s more, don't go just yet.  So much that has been missed, but this is to start again with the intention of looking forward.  Stone’s Throw stopped some…I didn’t feel comfortable with my writing – I couldn’t relax into it and couldn’t work out why. Why why why!!?? When I could write a funny letter and converse easily via email to friends…. Why was this so hard??

But now, I think I’ve got (by George, I think she’s got it…..!) 

I was worrying about the people reading – the people I knew – not friends, buy acquaintances, and what they would think of my thoughts, my photos, my……anything really.

But now it’s all different, circumstances have changed – I want to enjoy Stones Throw without the feeling of being judged.  Which is the weird thing! In day to day life I don’t give a FIG about being judged….but on the blog it was different.

So from today on…it will be different.  So please bear with me…..(all you thoooousands of readers)….as I begin again and find my feet. And hope for a beautiful thing….

Monday, November 24, 2014

50 degrees north

One day, this will be Tony, Piet and I.  A white Christmas….with reindeer, cinnamon buns and snow.

I can’t imagine it but if I had a bucket list this would on the top of it.

I receive the odd email from 50 Degrees North, travel specialists for Nordic countries, the Artic, and Russia. Wow! Another world away it seems.  A friend of mine took a dog sledding adventure, although it turned out to be more adventure than dog sledding.

Piet would love it….and I just know I would!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Piet's art work

Reading between the lines...I have many photos on my phone similar to the above red explosion.  Putting 2 and 2 together I believe it may be Piet's handiwork as it's the same day he made a few phone calls to Tony ....... and one very understanding client :-)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby birds

Little P and I may or may not have been stealing these baby robins from their nest when there mum is not looking.  Especially on hot days, they're hanging out of the nest gasping for air.

The mum has created a nest in the roof of a shed, which faces west so get up to 50 degrees or more on a hot day.

Little P becomes very concerned when I'm up on a chair reaching for the birds and tells me to be 'Careful, careful mumma, no fall'....


Yes you! 
Been eating my new trees? No?  
Well then, how do you explain the plastic
tree guard around your neck? 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Post-Halloween lessons

The weeks have been passing by so quickly, November here you are!  Piet and I have fallen into a comfortable routine making our days together much more enjoyable, I'm not sure if it's his growing independence or eagerness to learn or maybe it's his wonderful sense of humour that's making an appearance.

On the other hand he's not backwards in showing when he's had enough.....however I've become one smart mama and am working out how to get him out of the blues.

Example A. 
A trip to (another) market From the minute he spotted market with not slides or swings to be seen little P was lagging 20 metres behind me. Not interested in walking with me, holding the basket, choosing the veges and definitely 'NO PHOTO'!

Let him climb a fence and watch the local school kids.

Example B
Learning how to eat a Zooper Dooper iceblock. 

These are meant to be fun, right? Nope, not when your 2 and don't know what your meant to do with this slippery frozen stick. Even wearing two hats doesn't help.....

He threw his away, grabbed mine - but, nope, it was still too cold, too slippery and really not worth it (even with a supplied teatowel)

Forget thet Zooper Dooper and Go Spider Hunting! (with tongs)

Example C 
Dressing as a spider for Halloween. OK he was a BLACK spider and it WAS over 30 degrees C with a tight string around his stomach.  (And yes I realised he only had 6 legs - but it was too late by then).

Take off annoying spider legs, black shirt, black stockings and go for a ride on the mower with Dad - genius!